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Professional and Skilled HVAC Services for the Morgantown, WV, Area

HVAC units are important to your home or business in the Morgantown, WV, area. Heating, air conditioning, commercial refrigeration and kitchen food service equipment are important to how your residential or commercial property operates. With a properly working HVAC system, your employees or family will be comfortable all year round and enjoy good air quality. We offer services for heating, air conditioning, cooling, commercial refrigeration, ventilation, kitchen equipment and many other HVAC related equipment. Our technicians are experienced and trained in the highest quality installation, repair and maintenance work that is important for an efficiently working HVAC system.

Heating and Air Conditioning Service to Keep Any Building Comfortable

Keeping yourself warm during the winter months and keeping yourself cool during the summer months is important. That is why Ice King LLC works as quick as possible to install, repair and maintenance the heating and air conditioning systems to keep the inside of any building comfortable no matter the weather outside. Our professional team is experienced in furnace repair, installation and preventative maintenance. They also have the knowledge to work with natural gas furnaces, propane heat systems and many other heating system types. Ice King LLC is the expert you can trust for air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance for all commercial and residential properties.

Full List of Services from Ice King LLC:

Air Conditioning Installation and Repair
Commercial Refrigeration Installation and Repair
Freezers and Coolers
Air Duct Installation and Repair

Boiler Services

Ductless A/C Services
Thermostat Repair
Furnace Installation and Repair
Heating Installation and Repair

Heat Pumps
Natural Gas Heating Systems
Propane Piping Systems
Hot Water System Installation and Repair
Commercial Kitchen Food Service Equipment
Ovens and Deep Fryers
Exhaust Hood Repair and Installation
Commercial Ice Machines

Air Duct Installation, Repair and Maintenance for Homes and Businesses

Air Ducts and ventilation systems are important for keeping your HVAC systems running properly. Is it important to perform regular maintenance on air ducts to keep the indoor air quality healthy for all who use you property. Ice King LLC offers installation, repair and maintenance services to give you peace of mind. With our high quality services, we will remove mold, mildew, dust, debris, rust and other materials could be a potential risk to those your care about.

Companies Ice King LLC is Proud to Work With:


Cool Pack



Crystal Tips

Commercial Refrigeration for Businesses, Institutions and Restaurants

Ice King LLC provides commercial refrigeration services to many different types of business, institutions and restaurants in the Morgantown, WV, area. Our experienced technicians offer skilled installation, repair and maintenance service for all commercial refrigeration equipment. Our clients depend on Ice King LLC for fast service and skilled workmanship to keep their businesses operating without any downtime. We will make sure your refrigerators, freezers and cooler are working properly and keep essential food products from spoiling. Ice King LLC is proud to offer our services to restaurants, bars, grocery stores, convenience stores, bakeries, hotels, catering companies and schools.

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